The Buildings of Richmond Park

Max Lankester continues his very interesting series of talks. This time he will describe the buildings of Richmond Park – some long gone and others still part of the landscape. Discover where in the Park two Dukes and three Prime Ministers had their homes over the centuries. And which current structure can be dated back […]



The focus of the class is Applied Pilates, Health and Wellbeing. This smaller class allows for a more prescriptive approach and can be tailored towards individual needs i.e mobility, strength and agility. Ideal for post-operative or injury recovery. There will also be the opportunity to suggest a weekly exercise programme. Fridays—11.00 — 12.15 pm £7.00


Strength Training Talk and Demonstration

Strength Training (ST) is the least understood and most important aspect of anti-ageing therapy. ST and balance programmes mean both falling less AND breaking less easily if you do fall. Come to the demonstration with a view to trying out this new activity. Look at the Notice Board for more information and come along to […]


An Invitation to the Opera with Ross Alley

We are delighted to welcome Ross whose enthusiasm for his subject shines through his lectures and you will come away with a deeper and more meaningful appreciation of everything there is to know about opera. As he says opera is revered as one of the highest art forms ever conceived, with its power to move […]