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Living with Hearing Loss

Thursdays 16th May – 27th June For people over 50 Thursdays 16th May 2019 – 27th June 2019 1.30pm – 3pm at The Avenue Club

Deafplus are running a series of talks about hearing loss and how to live with it. They will teach basic lipreading, give tips on making communicating easier and talk about useful resources.


Thursday 4th May and 6th June 2-3pm

Q-Physio have volunteered to come along and are offering short consultations to members.

Ageing Youthfully

Thursday 9th May 2pm

Our Men’s Wellbeing and Pilates Teacher will facilitate a short seminar on the benefits of a number of topics to help us elevate the quality of our lives as we age.

Flamenco Performance

Friday 10th May 3pm

We are delighted to welcome back Rosandra who will be treating us to another stunning performance of flamenco music and dance.

Roy Norton, BBC Producer

Monday 17th June 2.30

Interested in TV production? Come along and hear from Roy Norton, ex-senior producer at the BBC. He will be looking at some of the great milestones in television    history from pioneers of the ‘20s and 30’s to exciting  present day technology. Roy will go behind the scenes with some hilarious ‘off camera’ anecdotes including  gossip, scandals and memorable mistakes; you will also hear about his experiences working on important events such as Churchill’s funeral and the 1966 World Cup. There is no charge to members but donations are always welcome.

All our talks are free but any donations are always gratefully accepted.
Please contact the office for further details.