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Linda and Patsy, our Art Teachers, have been keeping in touch with their students online with regular updates and chats about what is going on in the Art World. We are looking forward to classes starting again at The Avenue Club and will update here when we have more information on when that will be.

Back at the Avenue Club, the art group meet on Wednesday afternoons.  There are usually two teachers, Linda and Patsy, who go round the group giving individual advice.  A new topic is set on the first Wednesday of each month and the group are encouraged to develop that through the month.  However, sometimes different techniques in both acrylic and water colour are introduced instead.

Participants do not have to follow the programme if they feel strongly that they would like to do something else.  Individuality is also perfectly welcome and advice and help will still be given.

All levels and all ages are welcome.

You should wear old clothing and bring your own art materials, such as brushes, paint, pencils and paper.

Note: Please only buy branded paper recommended by the teachers.


Organiser / Instructor

Linda Griffiths - Mosaics - Photo
Linda Griffiths

Linda takes both our art and mosaics classes, with Patsy. She holds a 1st degree in Public Art, 2002

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Instructor: Linda Griffiths & Patsy Belmonte 9AM - 10AM