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Our Choir Master, Ian Blomfield, has been keeping our choristers in tune during lockdown. Via YouTube, he has  filmed warm up exercises and new songs for them to practice at home. They have been keeping in touch with each other, sharing anecdotes and songs. We are looking forward to them being able to sing together again.

At the Club we sing in harmony and mostly arrangements for three parts. Soprano, Alto and ‘The Men’ (We always need more Men!).

It’s fun! Music should always be fun. Concentrate, sing well but above all have fun! Ian has been in the profession since he was 10 years old and can tell you that the best musicians are the ones that have fun. People often say they can’t sing or that they are tone deaf, hmm, that’s not true. Ian has taught people who say this and within one term they are singing. The breathing, the vocalisation, the focus, it’s all therapeutic and rounds the life of the individual.

At the Avenue club choir we always warm up the voice with a sense of openness and relaxed posture and sense of release.

Organiser / Instructor

Ian Bloomfield & Margie Marshall - Choir Leaders - Photo
Ian Bloomfield

Ian studied at Trinity College of Music with the French Horn but dropped it and took up singing.

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