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We are not been able to run our Tai Chi classes at the moment. We hope our members have been practising at home to keep up their skills as the benefits are numerous!

Tai Chi Chuan is a subtle, sophisticated and effective system of self-defence, though eventually practice will take you beyond the martial aspects of the art into a kind of moving meditation. It is a slow, graceful, dance-like for of movement, when you first start you will find that it calls upon muscles, energy, balance and control which simply aren’t there! Practising it gradually builds up these powers in your body and in your mind, creating a wholeness that you never realised that you lacked.

Clinical trials have confirmed that this it is especially good for older people, but these of all ages and backgrounds can benefit from its hauntingly beautiful exercises.
In China and throughout the rest of the world, Tai Chi Chuan is recognised for its great powers in instiling good health and fitness, even proving effective in cases of chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and arthritis. The concentration needed to practise Tai Chi does wonders in inducing a sense of calm and well being. It is no coincidence that most major cancer units provide Tai Chi classes to help patients both in recovery from surgery and in renussian.

The term Tai Chi refers to the Yin Yang symbol, perfectly balanced or harmonised. The meaning of which is that in softness there is also firmness, in yielding there is strength.

The words of the great safe Lao Tzu written over 2,000 years ago, express beatifully the essence of the philosophy behind the pracise of Tai Chi.

“Nothing in the world is so soft and yielding to water
yet for the dissolving the hard and inflexible
Nothing can surpass it.
The soft overcomes the hard
The gentle overcomes the rigid
Everyone knows this is true
but few can put it and practise”

Practising it builds up muscle, energy, balance and control.  Clinical trials have confirmed that it is especially good for older people, but all can benefit.  It has proved effective in cases of high blood pressure and arthritis and it is no coincidence that most major cancer hospitals provide Tai Chi classes to help patients both in recovery and remission.  The fact that it is enormous fun to learn and perform the hauntingly beautiful exercises is a huge bonus.

The class is suitable for everyone from beginners upwards.

Organiser / Instructor

Madge Duncan-Sutherland

Madge was trained as a teacher in the ‘Tai Chi School of Form and Intention’

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Tuesday 9:30AM - 11:00AM